Company Presentations

How do you convince potential new customers or investors of your company? A company presentation is an indispensable product for this. We create professional presentations which form the basis for the further course of a conversation with potential partners.

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Financial Advice

When there is not enough money at the end of the month and the debt burden becomes overwhelming. What to do? We create a plan for getting out of debt and help negotiate with creditors.

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Consulting & Counselling

Our company offers you professional consulting services to save money, increase sales, optimise work processes… Especially external consultants can be of advantage here, because they are not blind to the company and have no emotional ties to the company.

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Job Application Assistance

Includes the creation of online profiles for carefully selected job portals abroad, taking into account the skills and training of the job seeker. Through carefully selected placement, the success rate can be increased enormously.

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Professional services for individuals and legal entities...

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